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Ancillary Equipment

Ancillary Equipment:  In addition to our extensive well head separating equipment and enclosed flares, LEED Fabrication offers a diverse line of ancillary equipment, engineered for specific well head applications.  Included in this line are sand and junk traps, line heaters, pneumatic pumps, and a complete line of direct fired, non fired, and/or non code liquid knock out vessels. 

Our ancillary equipment is used to prolong the life of separating equipment, reduce VOC emissions from liquid storage, improve combustion efficiencies on enclosed flares, and augment the properties of highly efficient well head separation.  Custom matching of LEED's ancillary equipment with our well head separators can provide greater efficiencies, improved revenue streams, and reduced operation and maintenance costs.

  • Sand Traps
  • Junk Traps
  • Line Heaters
  • Buffer Tanks
  • Drip Pots and Liquid Knock Out Tanks
  • Pneumatic Circulation Pumps
  • Blowcases
  • Fuel Gas Scrubbers

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