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Combustors & Flares

Compliant. Reliable. Available.

Leed’s combustors and flares are used by many of the top oil and gas operators across the country. They look to us for emission control devices that are highly reliable, readily available, and EPA Quad O compliant pending approval from the EPA.



Leed’s combustors (AKA: enclosed flares, VOC burners, ECDs) incinerate vapors that flash in the storage tanks after separation. Each model of our combustor has been tested for compliance with EPA Quad O requirements and is pending approval. With an industry-leading turnaround time, we can build and deliver most orders in less than a week!

Highlights of LEED Combustors

  • Pending approval of EPA NSPS 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart OOOO (Quad O)
  • Combustion capacity up to 300 MSCFD
  • Greater than 99% destruction efficiency
  • Turndown ratio of greater than 10:1
  • Lead time of less than one week
  • Easy maintenance: confined space permit not required
  • Quick, four-step installation process can be completed in less than one hour
  • Stainless steel burner nozzles and ceramic fiber insulated stack increase product life and durability
  • Can be painted any color by request
  • Units installed throughout the United States

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Combustor Models

Download Combustor Standard Data Sheet

HEC 24

Download HEC 24 Data Sheet
LEED Combustor HEC-24

HEC 36

Download HEC 36 Data Sheet
LEED Combustor HEC-36

HEC 48

Download HEC 48 Data Sheet
LEED Combustor HEC-48

Elevated Flares

Leed’s elevated flares combust excess, high-pressure, sales gas at well sites where infrastructure to commercialize such gas does not exist. EPA requirement 40 CFR 60.18 sets high standards for safety and environmental friendliness and Leed’s flares are designed to comply with these standards. With a very competitive price and delivery within a week, our flares will meet your demand and exceed your expectations.

Highlights of LEED Elevated Flares

  • EPA NSPS 40 CFR Part 60 compliant
  • Combustion capacity up to 3 MMSCFD
  • Lead time of less than one week
  • Winch down system providing easy maintenance
  • Quick four-step installation process can be completed in less than one hour
  • Stainless steel head providing higher heat resistance and longer product life
  • Units installed throughout the United States

Elevated Flare Models

EF Single Head

Download Single Head Data Sheet

EF Dual Head

Download Dual Head Data Sheet

Installation, Training, & Preventative Maintenance!

As an added benefit, we also offer free installation and operation training as well as long-term, preventative maintenance programs for all customers! Leed’s own, in-house service department will be to your site in two days or less and is dedicated to providing these services and other solutions in a superior and timely fashion. Contact us today for more information or to place your order!

LEED also re-sells Burner Management Systems (BMS). Our preferred BMS vendor is ProFire Energy

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