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LEED is focused on developing turnkey solutions to meet operator's expectations and operating requirements. We utilize a customer integrated approach incorporating a comprehensive array of design parameters and instrumentation specifications, to provide cost effective solutions. Our broad customer and geographic base enables us to offer unique recommendations to improve equipment performance and effectiveness.

Combustors & Flares

Our combustors and flares have been tested for Quad O compliancy and are pending approval by the EPA, a good value, and shipped quickly. Support and preventative maintenance also available.

Two Phase Separators

Two-phase separators remove the liquids from the gas. Our complete line of Two Phase Separators have been designed to maximize the separation qualities of the liquid and gas streams.

Three Phase Separators

Three phase separators separate the gas from the liquid and separate the oil from the free water. Our portfolio of Three Phase Separators is our most diverse and advanced.

Pad Multi Well Site

With the capability of servicing (12) producing wells through a single piece of equipment, our multi well solutions have been engineered to reduce geographic footprint, maximize separation qualities, and simplify the operations of multi well pad sites, which are often cluttered with numerous production units and ancillary devices

Ancillary Equipment

We offer a diverse line of ancillary equipment, engineered for specific well head applications, including sand and junk traps, line heaters, pneumatic pumps, and a complete line of direct fired, non fired, and/or non code liquid knock out vessels.

Product Options

Many product options to suit your requirements, including a wide variety of pneumatic, mechanical, or electrical controls and instrumentation.